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I saw on hobby lobby that they have several iwata AB. Out of what they have what is the better all around brush for big area's and fine line work. if that is 2 different AB that's ok to. I searched the threads and didn't see anything about the neo AB or the other neo model they have. I am looking for gravity feed. I'm looking there because I can use coupons to get it at damn near half price.
I have a neo and i love it, comes with 0.35 nozzle which can cover a decent size area and pull of some fine lines with a bit of practice also has two different cup sizes. I used mine for 8 or 9 months before upgrading to a higher spec brush and still use it now for larger areas. Of course it will depend on just how big your spraying, also what your budget is etc.
They should have the eclipse cs there also, at least around here they do. That is in my opinion the best beginner and novice airbrush for the money. I still use 2 of them on a regular basis. It's a 3.5mm tip and a gravity feed cup.
I second the eclipse cs! Great all around brush! A little more expensive,but IMO the best brush Hobby Lobby carries!
thanks.. I'm sure I'll end up with both the neo and the eclipse at some point.
i got a neo. it never sprayed straight from the start. the spray went up instead of straight out from the nozzle. it also seems if it is starved for air for some reason.

i have an eclipse also. its been a great brush. i have used it every day for the past 5 months and never had one single problem out of it.
I had a neo, and at first it worked ok.. It broke on me an dc it seems searching they are kind of hit or miss. A good one is an excellent brush, but not a chance id take again
Many people love their Neo. I've never had one, but can only say that as they are made for Iwata, rather than by Iwata - and from what I've read, they do not seem to have the same level of quality or longevity. So while cheaper, can be a false economy if you end up replacing it anyway.

The eclipse cs - while more money is - quality and performance wise - one of the best value brushes out there. It's versatile in that it can go from a 2 inch spray pattern for slightly larger areas, to fine lines when you get to know it. I've been using mine for almost 3 years and apart from the chrome wearing off in the cup, (which happens in many brushesand doesn't affect performance) I can't fault it.

It's good for beginners because it's easy to maintain (one piece trigger mechaanism, and self centring nozzle), makes learning easier, and the better you get, the more you can get out of it, so you won't immediately be needing something else. You might want something else Lol, but you won't need it.