Needle Brands



A quick question here - are different brand needles suitable for my AB? It's not that I need another yet but I am thinking of getting a spare in case of accidental damage. My Iwata has a .3 needle, do I need to make sure it is an Iwata I buy? I ask because if I find a shop selling spares when out and about, I may need to know!
I would think they are specifically Branded as they have to match the nozzle.
Ken Badger is on here somewhere, he would be the guy to answer.
Thanks guys! At least I now know to order one from somewhere!
as Andre said, be sure to order specifically for your model airbrush for any parts you need.
I have thought along similar lines, but found it was not the case.
Yeah they aren't interchangeable due to the taper. They all taper differently at the point to fit their nozzle and gap between the head and the packing seal. I'm not sure about badger but most of the iwata ones I've used fit in similar model iwata. Of course you don't to try and shove a micron needle into an eclipse or something lol. Also little tip, if you don't know what size the needle is, almost all manufacturers put a ring of some sort on the rear of the needle. 2 rings is .2 mm 3 rings .mm etc etc

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