Paint Recommendations for PU Surfboard Blanks



Hey Guys, Has anyone had any experience with this?
I'm keen to eventually paint my own sticks, but I'm unsure of what type of paint to use. I've seen some places recommending Tempera paints, but I guess the only requirement will be that it remains inert when it gets coated with fibreglass resin?
i wouldnt have a clue mate but i know mitch has done a bodyboard or 2 which i guess undergoes the same treatment so make him aware of this question also
Hey thanks ad fez! Painting onto a bodyboard is different unfortunately as you're painting onto the finished object. You can also paint onto the outside of a Surfboard (A la Drew Brophy) but this method is prone to damage. Especially if it gets in the sand!
I need to find a paint that won't affect the PU (polyurethane foam) blank, is suitable for Airbrushing, and yet remain unaffected by solvents in the Fibreglass resin.
I read an article in Airbrush Action on Eddie Davis painting a surfboard and he was using the Wicked line. I personally haven't painted a surf board but I have used Wicked paint and it is a pretty good water based paint. Good luck to you.
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Hello friends mostly peoples are like to paint their surfbaord with the texture and mosnter pictures and this type of paitings are made good looking the surfbaords i have alo my own surfbaord which is i have recently purchased and i am cover this surfbaord with the venyle and fully cover to my surfbaord this venyle is a beach and fish theme i am a big rider of surfbaord and this is my favorite game for play...
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Any acrylics shld be fine m8, did some research on this a few yrs back, though never went down that road, most mentioned acrylic waterbased or the tempera's you mention. I would suss out some airbrush paint MDF's to see what some are actually made of as even some water based Airbrush paints have some pretty full on solvents/chemicals and such in them that may re-act with the PU or the fibreglass, heat setting may also be needed to ensure the fg process doesn't affect your design..I personally would ring and ask a few manufacturers of AB paints your thinking of using to gain their thoughts to save yourself some heartache..GL

You've prob already come across these and they make pens to which could help make some interesting designs..

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