Projecting images with a DIY lightbox

WOW I use one but have only used it to pencil in a subject.. This goes way beyont that.THANKS Kurt
I love DIY projects. I started work on a fridge compressor yesterday,.. about to finish that up. Also just ordered 15 lights lights for this light box.
Thanks for the link. Great Idea.

How would this work for t-shirts?

I haven't made it that far,..just ordered the lights. But,...maybe sandwich a clear or lightly frosted mylar, acetate....between the shirt and reference. Then clean it for reuse later. Just a thought. :surprise:

Note: Was thinking white or light colored Tees. Don't know about darker colors.
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@ Iceman: T-shirts may be done using an LED-panel as a light source. They are available in many sizes and some research will allow you to purchase them at a low price. Just stick the reference image onto the LED panel front side with tape and pull the T-shirt over that (making sure the cloth is pressed against the reference image) to get a very clear image shining through. Many LED panels come with a dimmer which allows you to select the proper amount of light required. I've tried it an it works very well with white T-shirts. Haven't yet tried it with black Tees.
thanks ignis this a great diy project that I'm definatly going to make, much better than the one I made earlier !