tip for easy and quick cleaning of AB during painting



Im a noob, and maybe all of you know this already, but I discovered a fantastic way to clean the tip of the airbrush (have not seen this elsewhere yet). I'll just upload a video of me doing it, instead of me trying to explain with my bad english:)

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rnw97my8dyuft8r/2014-06-08 17.13.56.mov

Alternate link:
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- Dag
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Tried to view it but Dropbox doesn't work right on my phone. It fails to download says cannot open file
ok, guys. updated original post with new link:) works super fast and very well for me
God knows we could always use new and better ways to clean tip dry. I personally use Seamonkey's method of using a sponge which would be less scary to me than submerging the AB in some water. Here's the YouTube Vid if you're interested in checkin his method out. The cleaning tip dry is at about the 3:00 mark. Thx for the post Dag :)
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that was great boltcase, only u might bend the needle, my method can never bend it:) but; is it a problem submerging the AB in water? thanks for the reply

- dag
I've never bent a needle using a sponge and it cleans the tip perfectly. Cant say that submerging an AB in water would be bad but im a cautious/paranoid type of person when it comes to equipment so that's probably just an issue for me..lol.
i think the AB can handle it fine because of its metal alloy, depands on type of AB maybe. u still use water and different watered solutions to clean it anyways. This method cleans perfectly the whole tip, not only the needle. I dont really know, im just a couple of days into AB, but works superb for me:p
I do love new tips and tricks so I will give this a try and see if it works for me. Thx again Dag..well done my friend :)
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I use a little glass cleaner ( non ammonia ) in the water. At times, I do use the sponge, but I either drop or mis-place it... Remember, you're only submerging the tip. This method works well with my Badger 100SG when I'm changing colors.
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I just unchuck the needle and blow anything out real fast then continue. Of course I deal with urethane so doing that in water would be counter productive hehe. Could do it with solvent but you risk there being a drip somewhere and you blow it onto what you are painting and it messes it up.
I have been using baby wipes so far, newbie as well, seems to work ok for tip dry, but still having clog problems I'm trying to work out with 155 anthem.

Paint long and prosper\\//.
I just plonk the next color in and hope for the best LOL..But yer when I used to use a gravity (moved away from em as i'm too lazy to keep cleaning in between colors) but I used to keep some warm water beside me with a little dishwashing detergent, in between colors submerg it fully and just blast it through, makes bubbles too LOL which me kid used to love to watch..But these days, use siphons and a clean jar of water in between colors does the same thing..Also if ya mainly doing it to clean the tip, I wouldnt bother too much, pointing away from the canvas and just blasting the paint thru does much the same to dislodge any tip build up and keep it all nice and wet..But yer between colors its a good quick method and I got just as fast color changing in a gravity as I am with my siphon..I did find I tended to be lazy though and not always save thoat last little bit of paint in the cup, into the water that went aswell LOL
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I use a similar technique as in the video with a couple differences, but it works well for me. I'm knocking on wood AS I'm saying this, but I don't remember the last time I bent a needle while picking tip dry.

The main differences in my way of doing it is that I use surgical sponges, and I use them dry. For anyone who doesn't know, a surgical "sponge" is more like a fine cheesecloth than what you'd think of as a sponge. The cloth is nice and soft and absorbent, so it works out well for me.
I get mine from a friend in the healthcare industry (don't worry, they are still sealed in packaging. NO used sponges. lol). If you know anyone with a healthcare job, ask them to grab a few if they can. They'd be thrown out anyway, so it's pretty common for people to "intercept" them. At least it is around here.

If you don't have an inside hook-up, I'm sure they're available online somewhere.