Trouble with white



Hello guys I have problem with my createx opaque white, I have problem with it from start, it's reduced a bit but when I try paint it don't have color. When I put some more reducer to this paint I saw it's came chemical reaction. Paint disolved in 100 reducer. I can't finish leopard. I think i will use colored pencil-white. It's any solution to this?
What are you using for reducer?

Createx is design for larger needle sized airbrushes But 1 drop paint to 3 drop reducer (home made reducer can be made from 75% water and 25 % denatured alcohol) will spray nicely through a .3 or .35 needle set up.
For fine detail the most I go with standard createx is 1 drop paint to 5 drops reducer..
But unlike WICKED , standard createx is not designed to be over reduced and it really breaks down the color.
I use 100 reducer wicked maybe you have right createx opaque don't like to be reduced.
Many consider createx a T-Shirt paint m8, as Herb mentions its designed for larger tips and higher painting pressures to really blast it in..Must admit its one of my least favorite paints..The white pencil will do fine, also you could use a fan brush with a dry brush technique or even a liner brush if your a patient person and use the createx white that way by brushing it on....GL
I can tell you what the problem is right now. Createx has a reaction when you use either w100 or 4011 reducer. It gums up, thickens if you will and becomes next to impossible to shoot. Use good ol H2O to reduce createx, with just a drop of dish soap in it to break the waters surface tension. (Meaning a drop of soap in at least 16+ oz. of water.)
Thank's for help. bikergranny Did I good understand? I have now add to my paint a drop of soap?
Thank you Granny! I've been using wicked reducer and createx. It starts out nice, but turns to garbage in pretty short order.