Vector Help Please


Young Tutorling
So here is my dilema. I have a jpg that I vectored, no issue there, but I want to remove groups of the same color (i.e. all the black, then all the gray, then all the white and so on) saving each one as a seperate file so I can make a multi-layered stencil.

When I open my vector in Corel Draw X6 or AI CS6 (I have both so help on either will be appreciated) how do I select the color to remove (i.e. All the Black) and remove it at once instead of clicking each black space and deleting.

Can I create multiple copies of the main layer, then use each copied layer with the single color removed? Can I even do this once it has been vectored or do I need to do it while it is still rasterized? I'm co sonfused.

Thanks in advance for your help.
well in photoshop(i use cs3 but work with later version)
i do select/color range. so i can select black or white or other colors using the sampled color tool, you can copy the layers and remove the color you want from each one.
Choppa, I have X5 but it must be the same in X6
Go to Print Preview, select the tool that looks like three squares on top of each other. This is colour separations
All the colours in your picture are then shown in their individual shades.
But this is really for exposing screens, what you really need is plotter software that separates the colours into their respective cut files.