Would any of you guys recommend this or another compressor for me please



[h=1]Husky 8-Gal. Portable Electric Air Compressor[/h]That is at Home Depot. $130 Its in my budget and thats about the max I can spend on one atm. Im not too worried about noise. I am curious about how often it would have to start up to fill while im airbrushing cause I do enjoy peace and quiet while im painting.
I just use a cheap one, its 25 litre, brand is projectair..Cost me $79 Au on special from a big hardware chain and got an air tool pack with it..Onto my second one of these over a 12-13 year period so they seem to last OK for cheap shiz..and yer they can kick in at times when a good songs on the radio so after its charged up, just turn the bugger off until you want air again or buy and adapt a large tank to it for extra storage..You'll often find really large industrial compressors that the engine is fried on from ebay and such so keep ya eye out for one to use the larger strorage tank of it if ya want that ability of being able to paint most the day on one or two charges..GL
it is not a bad compressor , Depending on what PSI you shoot at is on often it will come on . Or you can do like I use to filled it full shut it off and paint til empty then take a break while it fills again.
Yea an industrial compressor would definitely be ideal i dont know if I could listen to it fill up a tank for that long tho I can imagine that would take a very long time, but I also need some sort of portability for a job that might be at some guys house or some shop of some sort it would be good to have that option. so I guess i can come out of this with "yea itll work"?
Home depot has a line of hyundai compressors and right now the 5 gallon tank model is on for under $100 check the online flyer im in Canada might be different were you are.