XGI review.

Like I said, I wish I'd held off on buying the XS, which I'm less than thrilled with. It does look like Grex is looking to make themselves a serious player, though. Or giving it their best try, at least.

How are you liking that trigger pad, Paul?
Still getting use to it. Jury's still out. Defiantly an ok brush, worth the money. I have a new piece for myself I'm working on, so we'll see.image.jpg
I wonder if Grex will let me trade my XS for an XSi.... Hmmm, might be worth sending an email to find out.
Probably not that far, but I did talk to Raymond tonight. Nice guy. Talked to him about the subtle changes in the head assembly. Why people asked for the change
Paulyair I don't get the link to pop up it said not there?have another link that might work? thanks