A little history.


Immortal Concepts

Found some pictures of me when I was between 7-10. I literally grew up in body shops and hand lettering. I'm spraying primer on a caboose. Texas tarantula train from the 80s and 90s. Hand lettering an award for a vcr and tv repair "shoppe" never understood the spelling.
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Looks like the good ole day's before adult responsibilities.
I can see a small thumbnail under the other 2 larger pic's Michele.
Looks like he's doing some lettering!!
Great to have got started out so young.
@MeeshellMP , there are ten differences between the two big pictures, if you find them all, you win a new Custom Micron and a years supply of paint, all paid for by @Mr.Micron ;)

@Immortal Concepts , like you I was sign-writing while I was still at school although I was a little older when I started, I believe I was 14, my first ever paid job was painting Disney character on the walls in a kindergarten near the school I went to, I got paid five British pounds, lol, they told me that was a lot of money back then, but I wasn't bothered, I just thought it was cool having permission to vandalise,, lol
@Madbrush Was that in the old days when a fiver was the size of a barn lol, probably was worth a bit then.

The fiver was definitely bigger then than it is now, but not quite that big, lol, at the time a pack of ciggies was only 10 pence.