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I recently started airbrushing and its a bit harder than i thought. i do know how to draw in black and white not so good in color. anyways i was wondering why my opaque black comes out a dark gray am i doing something wrong?????
Hi antidragonslayer,
Thats pretty hard to say just like that. What brand of color is your black ? Are you thinning it down with water or whatever is the thinner to your paint that you use? If you thinn down the paint, it usualy gets more transparent and you have
apply more paint on the canvas or wherever you paint on. I also found out on some paper or cardboards the black never showed up as a deep black, more like a dark brown and grey.
its createx and its an opaque black i do have a wicked detail smoke black but i dont want to use it yet i want to finish the opaque black. yeah i was also thining it down which im not sure how to really do that i ussually just put a few drops of thinner. i use printing paper.
Ok i havent used the Createx black, but i think it should be a color that covers up pretty well. If you havent over reduced it too much it should be black, at least when you put some more paint on the paper. My pick is that its the paper that wont show
the black as dark as it should be. You can try to put some more layers of black on the paper and then see how it turns out, or try a different paper. I only use printer paper for excersices, and when i wanna paint something i use airbrush paper.
There are several out there, i find a very good one is the Harder and Steenbeck airbrush papers. For the thinning i dont know how thick the paint is since i havent used it yet, i guess other people can help you more here with that. I would suggest
that you try out to put in 4 drops of paint and then 1 drop of reducer and see how your gun sprays, if its not so good add one more drop and so on till you have a good spray pattern.
Some of the blacks from Createx lines are not 'real' blacks. Thats also why they made the newest one 'Jet Black' wich is a true type of black.
So its probably a combination of surface and not having the blackest black.
Often putting in a drop of darkbrown and dark blue makes black more black (most blacks are not true black but made of different colors ;) )

Createx makes more lines so it would be handy to know what you exactly use... i.e. wicked / wicked detail / airbrush colors / auto air / auto borne / acrylic colors / pure pigment / monotype (forgot some?)
Also in some lines as said they have more than one black, all different... black / true black / jet black / basecoat black
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thanks guys you guys have been really helpful probably i just need more practice