Airbrush splatter on workpiece question


Fletch Whipp

Hi there, I was doing my first round of spraying a black/gold pearl midcoat over an opaque black base yesterday & inadvertently got a few spots on an otherwise good finish. I've searched far & wide how to address dealing with these spots (already understand the why aspect). My question is, should I spray over these spots? Sand back to the base & respray? Something else? Similar question I dabbed an area yesterday with a paper towel & it's left a crater type finish the size of a quarter on the piece, so the same question in dealing with this.

Yup, total noob! I'm cringing posting this, but hey, gotta start learning somehow right. Thanks in advance for your replies!
We need to know what black base is meaning type of paint, as well as that what type gold pearl meaning aclylic or solvent, some acrylics can contain small amounts of solvent which could be the of your crater.

Photos will help if you can get any and are you using an airbrush or spray gun?, the more info you give us, the better the help will be.

Also why not go to the introduction section and tell a little about yourself, approximate location, airbrushes you have and preferred paints and types of work are all handy for us to help you better in the future.
Hi there, thanks for the quick response. I'm spraying over a base of rustoleum opaque black primer. I'm using HOK Black gold pearl. Using a Master G444 dual action brush. Cheers!
As I suspected your hok is lifting the base when you try to wipe it, I would assume the base was rattle can and therefore not the most trustworthy of paints, you could have avoided the issue by use of an intercoat clear, instead of trying to clean the spots let them dry and sand down all damage, redo your base where needed and carefully apply your gold in more light passes so that it dries quicker and has less chance to bite into your base.
Great, thanks for the feedback. Could you just clarify, does the intercoat clear go on top of the rattlecan primer? As I don't have an air gun, & was advised not to spray the primer through my airbrush, I used the rattlecan approach. If there is a different solution I'm all ears. If there are brands etc you'd recommend go for it. Cheers.
Yes the intercoat goes on top of your black base, you could use an aclylic clear either rattle can or thin enough to go through your airbrush assuming your brush is 0.3 nozzle or above and I would again assume it is if your getting metallic paint through it.

You can buy small mini spray guns with nozzles from 0.8 upwards, any primer you use should state recommended nozzle sizes.

I have never used hok personally but some if our other members will advise you further soon, if not I'll give one a prod on your behalf :)
Great, thus is just the advice I'm looking for. Yes the G444 airbrush is currently on the 0.5 ip, it also has a 0.2 & 0.3 option in the kit. Which acrylic clear would be a decent option to run through the airbrush. I thought the Rustoleum base was going to be an 'average' solution as the base, but couldn't justify the very high cost of the HOK Primer-at this stage anyway. My white base is Zinssers primer.
I'm not too sure what clear is best for you due to your location but I'm sure one our US friends will pop on soon, but as I said I make sure they know of your thread when I see them online

@Strictly Attitude is very clued up, and since I have tagged him he should sneak in very soon;)