Airbrush Storage Cabinet



Can only post one video at a time. See part 2 below.

Nice set up there.

Man I thought I had a lot of brushes. Quite the pretty penny tied up into all those shiny Iwata's. I do something similar for hooks for during use. I buy coated cup hooks and screw them into a block of wood, that is attached to a flat of aluminum and is notched, it is then attached with a knob that threads into a threaded insert set into the adjustable work shelf of my station. THis way they are removable, there is one on each side, and I can then take them off and move them to my easel if need be for use in other areas. I have carved out foam like some others here to store my brushes in a drawer for when not in use.
Wow at first I thought I was looking at AB store with so many brushes. Lots of coin tied up there my friend, nice job on storage I have to admit I never thought of that one.