Another Newbie



Hey guys/gals, new guy here. Just picked up an airbrush after years of threatening to. I found the Airbrushtutor on youtube and fell in love with the videos. So first off, THANK YOU for these videos. I have been a guitar player for 15 years and can spot where guitarist have neglected the "basics." Now that I am starting a new hobby it is great to see these videos presented in such a "Here are the basics FIRST" way. I am methodical and need direction like that lol.
So i am in week 2 of airbrushing and have loads of practiced dots, lines, blending lines, and blending dots. I havent even tried a real image yet, I dont see the point until I master the techniques.
Anyway, I am happy to be here and get to freeload all your years of talent :wink-new:. JK
just practice bro, its like walking, you learn how to do it before you know your even doing it, like everything in life, repetition is the key to excellence
Welcome from the uk! I'm a guitar player too, but not being as sensible as you are, I charged in blindly with the airbrush before I looked for advice on the net, and had to unlearn a few bad habits. You're doing it right! Don't get put off doing a simple image, it sometimes helps to be able to put what you are learning into practice, and gives you something to compare to later to show progression. Also like learning a new tune when you first start guitar, it gives you that boost to want to improve so that you are happy to keep up with the excercises, and a sense of achievement.
Welcome, to the forum!! Practice is key, you may hate it but you will never regret it!! You can have that little tid bit for free, lol!! Welcome!

Welcome, to the forum!! Practice is key, you may hate it but you will never regret it!! You can have that little tid bit for free, lol!! Welcome!


Actually no you can't have it, I'm gonna use that one, I like it!! Lol!!
Again welcome!!

Welcome from Holland, methodical newby :D Methodical is good, life may be a chaos in every aspect, but in airbrush you can show that you're capable of working in a structured way (and perhaps couldn't care less for being structured in other pass times and obligations...)
Stroked. thank you - you're the first person to tackle learning how to airbrush from a logical point of view instead of jumping straight into an image. perfecting airbrush control will help immensely when attempting your first image. let us know if you have questions and welcome!
Thanks everyone for the welcomes! I'm a weirdo I enjoy practicing, I've always been that way when learning something new. I have already fallen in love with airbrushing and all I am painting are the practice sheets.
I have however learned that Createx no matter how much you think you have rinsed your brush, will still in fact set-up and freeze your needle up. Coupled with that lesson I also learned to be EXTREMELY easy on your needle when trying to remove it from your brush once it has in fact completely froze up......:distress:. Almost 3 weeks in and I have already had to order a new needle and tip lol.
Thanks again everyone!