Hello from the last frontier


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Hello ab family,

My name is Jason and I am proud to live in beautiful Anchorage Alaska. I have been doing art all my life of and on. I am retired from the US Army, my wife is a school teacher here in Anchorage. I started using a airbrush about 10 years ago in modeling then miniature painting. Just in the last year I have started to get into the fine art and illustration part of airbrushing.

I am currently running with the following,

Harder & Steenbeck Infinity Cult of Paint edition (basically a black all aluminum Infinity.) at 0.15 with a fpc attached.

Harder & Steenbeck Evolution Cult of Paint edition moded with a fpc and a paint regulator end peice at 0.40

Harder & Steenbeck Colani at 0.60 and a MAC valve on the air hose.

All of my airbrushes are connected to a Harder & Steenbeck airbrush holder/manifold system. They are fed by a Super Silent 20-A Air compressor by Silentaire.

Look forward to gleaning new knowledge in the forums and meeting new people.

Welcome from the other side of the globe - Australia:)
We’d love to see some of your models (even if they’re 10yrs old) and whatever you are currently working on.
Sounds like you have the equipment all sorted, what paints are you using / planning on using
Welcome Home Jason.
Anchorage Alaska beautiful yes but when you leave Fort Bliss, Texas in July at 105F and get diverted to Anchorage Alaska and it is 32F it is anything but beautiful when you in summer dress and all your winter gear is in hold baggage LOL . Fairbanks was the same way except at least the Army gave us a really nice hotel to stay in while we waited for the plane to get it fuel tank repaired.

Look forward to see not only what your working on now but those miniature as well.
Welcome Jason! Sounds like have you’re self a nice setup. Like the others said, I’d love to see some photos of models, miniatures or whatever you’ve got going on.

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Welcome to the forum, you have some good kit. Please feel free to share any pics of the miniatures or models you've done

First of all, thank you for your service!

Second, welcome to the forum! You have a nice arsenal of brushes there.