Help with set up to start painting lures


Double Actioner
Hi am new to airbrushing and indeed fishing lure making.

I would like advice on what equipment I would need to buy to start airbrushing lures.

In terms of budget I would be looking at something along the lines of the Iwata Eclipse HP-CS .

But would like to know if that is suitable, what other options and which compressor to use etc etc.

I am not an artist so I don't need to go too crazy on equipment but I also realize going too cheap can end up frustrating even a beginner like myself.

I am leaning towards the Iwata Eclipse HP CS, but have no idea if this is suitable for lure painting.. am just going on general Internet consensus that it is a decent all round airbrush...

Thanks for any advice and let me know if this is the correct forum to discuss this...
You are a beginner and seeking help, so yes, this is the correct section.
as discussed in your intro post, you cant really go wrong with the Eclipse. Once you gain more experience the brush will give better detail if you require it but starting out it can be a very forgiving brush too. I've seen many users just with an Eclipse and they produce great work.
Compressor, there are many to be found on Amazon/ebay/ harbour freight etc but make sure it has a tank and a moisture trap.
If you aren't sure just post up a link and we'll let you know if it will likely do the job for you
A quite air compressor is a blessing for everyone near by
The double head diaphragm that are taking the compressor market by storm these days.
Is a good start they will go in excess of 100psi with a 15 to 20 liter tank so it's not just limited to painting lures ⅜ drive rattle gun for 30 seconds, nail gun, painting a motorbike mudgaurd
Blowing up a car tyre. All good excuses 🤣 The price differences in the tank sizes is small to the overall cost in longevity of the compressor starting up every 2 to 5 minutes compared to 10 to 20 minutes
The Iwata CS in 0.35mm is a great start for lures easy to clean, service, parts are everywhere
As airbrush parts go😁
it will struggle a little with clear coats it may take a minute or three longer to paint than say a 0.6mm the upside is it shades great, dose neat well defined 2.5mm lines easy, basecoats like a champ. It will go finer no worries but your paint needs to thinned just right and I have to slow down when I do them. 2.5 to 3mm and up dots easy again smaller dots are not as well defined and I had to slow down. Don't fall into the trap I did. Going for a siphon feed because of multiple glass jars of different colors. And dreams of quick color changes. It works on T shirts because they tend to use opaque colors and a speck of yellow can be covered by the sheer volume of paint those guys use. Not the case with lures I tend to use a lot of transparent paints. And enjoy the
Lure in white 70% get pearled 15% stay base white. Then I do my black lines, black shading then the lighter colors to darker over them, then "bling" , mica, fine metallics ect.
The course bling I use a fliud bed (Some nights my shed looks like Tinkerbell got a real spanking)
Clear coat
@busanga Iwata Eclipse HP-CS, great for painting lures, as Palk wrote, it permits you to use white, metalics, clear coats and paints with large amount of pigments. I use others like the Richpen 113C, great brush in my opinion, a bit cheaper than the Eclipse. In general a 0.3 nozzle airbrush is a good selection for painting lures.
Compressor, in my case a silent one, if you want working by night... I have a DIY one 3 litres tank, enough for small jobs.
Fantastic info guys. What do you think of this compressor ... just that it is easier to import from UK than USA.. (cost wise)

I realize a bigger one is better and doesn't cost much more to buy... but will cost a lot more to ship to me

(Am I allowed to post links like this.. )

@busanga This compressor looks fine. It would be a good choice, It's important to read specs, how long is it continuosly working? How many lures are you going to paint at the same time? In my case I paint about 4 to 5 lures in 2-3 hours, so that kind of compressor would be right. But, @palk told us he can paint a lot in a journey 😜, perhaps in those case you need a bigger compressor...
Ha I would be painting one lure in over an hour.. just beginning on my airbrush journey.

Will take me awhile before I know what I am doing.. I forsee many a re strip of lures before I get the hang of it.. am not an artist by nature but am very meticulous (bordering on OCD) so I will plug (sic) away at it.

Am actually a mechanical engineer by education..
Actually this compressor looks to me to be exactly the same as the Gen 2 no name compressor. The no name guys changed out the rigid pipe connecting the compressor to the tank with a flexible steel braided line. And I believe they improved the cooling design...
This is the no name compressor..

If you look closely the gen 2 is identical to the Bart compressor above...

All these motors and compressors come out of the same factories in China and are re branded...