Hi everyone!



Hi people!

I'm Tom, somewhat new to airbrushing about a month maybe two... I got myself an H&S evolution Cr+(loving this litlle thing)
I have always used Pro-Color from my local art shop, they're fun to spray with but i think i can get more out of colours?
So i've been wondering since most of the painters use Createx and/or Wicked, is it a better paint, and if i would try some other paint what should u recommend for trying as colours or brand.

Much greets from Belgium!
Hi Tom, welcome aboard. If you are starting and worried about paint mixture, ComArt is pretty good. You can use it out of the bottle. I use Auto-Aire and mix it from 2:1 (2 reducer: 1 paint) to 4:1 Some use 10:1
Welcome home Tom, Nice to have in as part of the family..

when you have a chance post up some of your work , even if it is just dots and dagger..
I'll try to post some flames im trying and a nice flower i tried, tommorow.^^
should i post it in here?
I'll try to post some flames im trying and a nice flower i tried, tommorow.^^
should i post it in here?

You can post it here or in the work in progress / finished art work section , the choice is yours.
Welcome to the forum from the US.

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What surface you paint on, will it be outdoors etc, and what type of things you like to paint, will help you choose what type of paint to go with. Does it need to be lightfast for example? Cover large areas? Be used on fabrics?

I use wicked because of it's versatility, but people have many reasons to go with a particular brand.
Hi Tom, Welcome from the UK. Whether your a beginner or seasoned veteran I'm sure you will enjoy your time here :tennis:
Hey Tom, I use trident paints, which I haven't read much about on this forum but I really like. I haven't used any other brands yet as I'm new to the art form also but it is available to me locally and is very versatile in what surfaces it can be sprayed on so it was a good choice for me I think
Thanks for the input guys so far! I work on paper as it the easiest to practise on. Here are some pictures from what i've all been trying to do.^^
So fire isnt working that good but still trying as i want to know how to do this. :D
How come that they doesn't work? :)

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I try to upload them but they dont seem define them?
i get the message undefined as i upload them. Could it be they are too big?
Well in gallery they cannot be bigger then 1mb

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Yep they work :)
The last fire pic has a nice flow to it which I like and the flower is awesome.
Well done!
YAY! Would it be better on a black background? And in my opinion the fire has somewhat too many holes?
I'd like to put some background on the flower but don't know what I should do any ideas?