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Young Tutorling
My name is Don, I live in lethbridge. I am very pleased to be accepted into this forum. I have a lot to learn about participating in a forum as well as learning about airbrushes, inks, uses and everything relative. I have been looking at posts and realize I couldn't be in a better place. People have been friendly and very helpfull and I really appreciate it. My background as far as work was silkscreening. I had a small shop in Lethbridge for about 20 years. Printed a lot of T-shirts and decals for Lethbridge and txhe surrounding area. I alo helped my wifw in a laser copy shop for a few years. I was lucky enough to learn a little about using a computer and CorelDraw. I later purchased my own computer and a Graphtec vinyl cutting plotter. The software is Signlab. I still have that in the basement. I haven't used it for a few years, always thought about digging my Wold A2N airbrush that I bought when I was about 16 years old and trying to learn how to use it properly. I just did that last week and found I still havenumerous kinds of inks in a box. I had bought 11 different colors of Rotoring inks. I only used a tiny amount from a couple of bottles. I also have a few bottles of miscellaneous acrylic inks. I will have to learn how to mix and use those. I also ordered some acylic dye powders on Amazon, small digital scale, some airbrush thinner, an airhose and a small package of adapters. lLuckily one of the adapters worked on my Wold airbrush. I had previously had a clear hose attached to it that fit over the intake of the airbrush. It worked but was a little combersome. I want to get a quick connet adapter also. I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos but will have to actually attempt airbrushing something now. Before retiring in 2016 I purchased a lot of woodworking tools along with two old spindle lathes which I am learning how to use. Why didn't I do all this when I was 40yearsold instead of 75 years old.....not to mention I have had COPD since 2016 an use oxygen every night. Not too bright ......
Welcome Drifter, loads of helpful stuff here on the site, Be sure to post up Your work, good or bad, We dont judge, just offer helpful advise if You need it :)
Welcome Drifter, never too late to start something great.
You might want to check out the info in Airbrush Accessories called DYI paint booths.
With inks I don't know if you need a full booth setup but it will give you some ideas for proper ventilation.
I have COPD too and have to be cautious
Welcome to your new home :)
ā€˜friendly and helpfulā€™ is what we strive for. No judgements and egoā€™s are checked at the door !
never to late to enjoy hobbies.
im another COPD patient, thankfully no oxygen just inhalers at this point so remember to mask up when spraying.