Hi from America



Hello new member here from California. A little about myself i am a soon to be dad with little experience in airbrushing. I currently use a Pasche VL double action brush and the reason i got into airbrushing is to design custom game consoles and controllers. I came across the airbrush tutor on youtube while looking for tips. His videos are great and i have learned alot. I am looking forward to learning more from the forum and giving back to the culture. Thanks and have a great day everyone!
welcome from Florida. I have the same airbrush. I don't have any experience with any other airbrush but that one works good for me. good luck!
welcome form ky, been to san diago, fished the piers, been to the zoo, great place, rode the trolly to mexico,
Welcome from Indiana. Paasche VL is a great all around brush and painting game controllers is becoming a good business. Look forward to seeing your work.
Its great to see other members using the same airbrush as i do! And i cant wait to post some of my work.