Hi, newb to the airbrush community....



Hi all!
Posted a few thing in the forum and thought I would put something here. I'm 52 this year, disabled (fighting heart disease since I was 36). Served six years in the Navy aboard the USS Kamehameha SSBN642. After that I installed home and commercial fire, burglar, and access control systems for four years. I then became a 911 Dispatcher for the city until my disability finally took hold. 19 3/4 years.

Art stuff - I have played around with just about all types of art, watercolor, acrylics, oils, charcoal. Always liked acrylic the best. I have only had art class from highschool. Other than that I have tried and errored my learning. I have a brother and mother in law that are also self taught and are wonderful in helping me learn. I really like portraits the best but will paint just about anything.

My pride and joy is an acrylic on naugahide of 2 wolves. (I saw the fur for two weeks after I was done...) It's on a spare tire cover, that's on my father's truck. I'll try to attach a couple pics. That's about it, hope to get really overboard on airbrushing as for as long as I can remember that's the form I have always wanted to do the most, but was always a little to scared to pick one up.

Cheers all!
Don't let those wells go empty!


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Welcome Home , From on DV to another it is good to see you fighting the hard fight with your heart.
Glad to add you into our family and I love that spare tire cover.
Welcome to the family!! The tire cover looks awesome and you will absolutely excel with airbrushing! You have some talent for sure!!

Also I know exactly what you mean about the fur, it seems that's all I painted this last year, lol!! I called it FUR-thousand and 12!!
Thank you all! Hopefully be posting some AB work soon, still setting up space to do it. Almost there then play time. My wife thinks I'm already bored with it because I haven't sprayed yet. I just want to make sure I off on the right foot, so I don't get po'ed and quit before I can give it a good start.
welcome from honduras, really nice work,love the wolf.by the way, don´t be afraid to post about some project on which you are facing difficulties and ask,there´s always someone,here,willing to help