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Debra Kelly

I am a International, multi talented Makeup Artist and Visual Artist and Global Educator with experience in makeup artistry, creative direction, design, education. I moved back to Australia 3 years ago after travelling extensively for 18 years, working in Europe, Asia and North America and trained globally in Los Angeles, New York, Canada, Brunei, Holland. I now liaise with Iwata as their makeup ambassador and bridge the gap between makeup schools and airbrush equipment. I\

I had agency representation at Artist Within for three years during my stay in North America and featured in many publications, including HACID, STELL, ELLEMENTS, STANDOUT PUBLICATIONS and HUFF, have made several appearances on television and worked in the tv/film industry.

I'm known for my design pieces from paper and organic materials which incorporate all my design and makeup skill set into works of wearable art. My masterpiece YAEZAKI stood proudly in gallery windows of downtown Calgary and has been featured in artisan shows such as RAW and SESHEN a Lotus design featured in The Royal Melbourne Flower Show 2017.

I now embark on a new journey working towards delivering high quality education in airbrush makeup and creative masterclasses within my private studio THE AIRBRUSH ACADEMY. Launching for the very first time a unique hub for everything airbrush makeup. A series of masterclasses include 'Unleash The Airbrush Artist' and 'Unleash the Creative Artist', intensive and high quality education geared to makeup artists wanting to elevate their makeup artistry to another level through the airbrush system.
So I really look forward to connecting with you all and giving a great crack at putting my own work onto canvas. I have been airbrushing faces, face charts, bodies for 12 years and have used many systems but my preferred equipment is IWATA.


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Welcome Debra. That is an extremely impressive resume and your work speaks for itself! It’s fantastic. Very pleased to have you as part of our community.
Welcome to the forum from China! I guess our members (especially me) could use a good brush of beauty, so we're looking forward to aesthetic ideas :)
Welcome to Mitch madhouse lol
Im sure you will get along just fine here, If you see or have a question just jumping right in as it's always great to have another perspective. Enjoy:thumbsup::thumbsup:
That's a very impressive artist history! Great to have you on board. I hope your Airbrush Academy endeavors prosper for you. I've never painted skin, but I'd assume if you can make art like that on people that you will have no problem making great works on canvas..good luck