Lana vanguard vs createx synthetic paper


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My preferred paper is Lana Van Guard synthetic paper.

I see Createx have their own version available at foxy studio,

CREATEX Synthetic Paper:​

it is the same gsm but a little bit cheaper.

Does anyone know if its the same to paint on?
You mean the createx yupo airbrush paper?
It's a little smoother.
Soft erasing is quite a challenge.
Even the next day you still have to be careful that the paint does not roll up (come loose).
I've never had that problem with Lana.
I do use createx ilu. paint.
we cant get Lana Vanguard paper here in Australia, but I've found a few different types of synthetic, my one big tip for any synthetic is to clean it with Isopropyl or similar prior to painting and be careful how you handle it when unpainted, greasy fingermarks will appear out of nowhere and there is no way of getting rid of them without cleaning off an entire section of your painting and redoing it
Hello everyone, regarding the Lana Vanguard paper, I've used it a few times, it has taken me a long time to get used to it, and nowadays is difficult to me. I've seen in Steven Leahy Youtube channel, he painted a coat of white-grey paint as a base coat over a Yupo paper. I guess this would be to make the next paint grip better but I'm not sure. What do you think about this method? I've tried it once and I was able to erase well, either with an electric eraser or blade. I leave the painting so you can see the effect, I put it some days ago in "media", sorry for repeating the upload.;)


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It has pros and cons.
Especially with lines.
If there is no paint on the surface yet, you can easily model a line by erasing/scratching.
If there is already paint on it, the paint sticks better and it is easier to spray a thin line.

Nice work
Thank you @erwin de pan. I normaly use very diluted ink from Schmincke and I have to drop the pressure down to 20psi more or less, and sometimes (I'm a newbie) I don't get a strong or intense color because I think I would need a less diluted paint and therefore I will rise the pressure with the risk of making some spider using the Lana Vanguard. I suposse is a matter of practice... I noticed the transparent clear is able to harden the paint and It's more easy to me using a mix of transparent clear + color. Thank you.