Leopard airbrushing ( Also known as Leo, the ultimate women seductor )



Hello everybody =)
I know that I'm a little bit late with this piece, the tutorial was uploaded a long, long time ago.
But some say that it's never too late to learn something new.
I've started a little leopard painting on A1 piece of paper for my friend.
But I think I'll need a lot of help in this.

That's the reference pic:

I'm not really into colours, so this will be just B&W
I've cut out a stencil with the eyes, nose and mouth.
Then sprayed through it on the paper, and made first shape shades ( just a tiny little bit )

It looks like this:
I'll appreciate any help =)
So as you can see, I've also made my first step at using some stronger black paint.
The problem is, I don't really think that I'll handle using wait paint, to paint detailed fur, so I'll use a painting brush, and spray a little through it, to make this fur look like a fur.
But... I need help with this black spots. I'm trying to make some hairs go out here and there, with the direction of the fur at the ref. pic. I'm not sure am I doing it right, and shouldn't I rather make it a little bit bigger ( I mean those single black hairs going out of those spots ), or keep on doing it like I got it, just a little bit more visible?
Sorry for pic quality but I just got a phone camera to shot with.
Looks like you are going too dark too soon. It is better when you dillute more and then paint thin layer after layer