My first leopard. Problems with white color.




This is my first leopard. I was quite satisfied until I started with the white color.
I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.
First, I have really problems to paint with the white color,
And also I think the color is completely wrong.
Can someone help me ?
I'm using Wicked Color, I've tried both opaque and detail, and also with reduser.
I need to paint the same line 5-6 times to get it real white, but still i'ts the wrong color !!!.

This is A3 format.IMG_0567[1].jpg


Simple, u did it on cheap paper, it sucks up the paint and if u go over black with white, u need more passes due to colorshift, the paper makes the shift worse.

Work on more exspensive art paper/ board/ canvas and if u still have color shift make more passes

If u keep the blueshift, add a little drop orange to the white, it corrects the shift.