new airbrush/drawing room


Needle-chuck Ninja
i have created my one space for
aurbrushing en drawing.

before i finished the room i paint normaly in the livingroom
but with 2 kids its difficult to concentrate.

now i have my one room :)



Nice space!

I am still in the process of sorting mine.... But keep getting side tracked by practicing with my airbrush.
i agree with the monkey of the sea again wish i had a nice space like that i am to embarased to show pics of mine its right nex to my bed i put my compressor (same one) on my bed people live next floor down keeps the noise level down nice clean floor you wont have any problems when you drop a nozzle lol
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Boy I wish i had xtra room like that for my airbrushing but since the weather has turn colder and no heat on the back porch where I do have my paint booth setup at. I've been airbrushing in my room and I still have 3 grand daughters disturbing me while I work on a project. lol Gotta' love the kids and grand kids
Man I'm jealous! My garage work space will never feel the same again. ;)

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What a great space, loving the drawers and counters, and a nice big window for natural light. So where do you sleep Lol! bet they'll have to drag you out of there!