Overspray Issue



Hey guys

I am new to the airbrush world and have posted in the intro page that i am having issues with over spray:dispirited:.

I tried three different air compressors all with psi from 5-40. I am using Wicked paint and tried reducing it with water and also 4011 Reducer still get over spray no matter what i do. I have tried two different guns Iwata CS and Iwata CH.

Same issue with both, Even when i bring it close to the paper and make fine lines it still has overspray on it.

Any tips and suggestions are appreciated
Like Strictly said. If you need crisp lines, use shields or masking. Or you can learn to spray away from the area you want to keep clean. It is basically just tilting then away from the clean area.
what about when im doing fine lines or dagger strokes im still getting it. i thought that bringing the gun close and fast you can get rid of overspray and it would just be aline and no overspray around it. I have a sample paper in my case of what someone did with the gun and it was just loop pattern from really really thing to maybe half inch and no overspray what so ever
You can also adjust your PSI pressure to 1 or even under this.....this way the paint blows out your AB less hard, and if you can restrict your needle to almost no movement ( so that if you hit your hardest point of blowing you cant blow too hard ) Like with a Infinity 2 in 1 or Evolution.
The first few pix up to the skulls was done with the CS and the next few are done with the CH. I think im getting it I dialuted the paint ALOT with water and the spray came out better not as dark(thats a given) and but more centered and before when i diluted the paint the crown would always be black and now it is chrome after done spraying. So i think im getting it? I thought the CS needle was bent but it was spraying pretty well.

Sorry for the sucky pix and i also did the skull stencil on back thats why you can see through it. let me know what you guys think i was just really messing around to get the paint right, I think i have the PSI down.





Let me know what you guys think