Paasche VJR spray issue


devilboy customs

Having a spray issue I cannot figure out. Like the title says Paasche vjr. It started out as I noticed a "spitting" when I was painting which upon closer inspection turned out to be an occasion misspray the would leave paint on the tip then blow it off when sprayed again. So I cleaned it within an inch of it's help. No bend to the needle so I thought maybe the nozzle had a hairline crack in it that I couldn't see. Also the tip had a few dings in's been dropped a time or 2 over the years. So I replaced the tip, needle, and nozzle. No help...if anything the problem was worse. I tried the needle and nozzle from my Paasche V...same problem. I tried every conceivable combination of old and new parts that work together...same problem. I completely disassembled and cleaned it. Took apart the valve assembly and checked the O ring. Took out the cheater wheel and cleaned it. The only thing I didn't take out was the Teflon packing....because I couldn't figure out how to remove it. It's hard to see but it seems to have a few "chips" in it and the needle seems a bit too snug in it.

So the problem as it stands now: Sprays off center as often as not. Constantly off center at under 20psi spraying lacquer thinner (I know that this model is recommended 30+ psi but I have one "paint" I've been spraying at about 15psi for years with no issues.) Sprays relatively OK if you ramp up the pressure to 50+psi but will still spray off center if you only lightly press. Always sprays off center the same way...if you were spraying at the center of a clock, it sprays up and to the right so it would be between the 1 and the 2. That rules out a needle, a nozzle, or a clog issue in IMO because there's no way the problem would fall in the same place each time. I think the problem is with the airflow. Possibly the pressure is coming through unevenly somehow? Maybe a problem with the valve?

Like I said, I have a V that I can steal parts to try out if I need to. Here's a diagram:

Like I said, I have new parts VA, VN1, and VT1. V-83 is the Teflon packing I couldn't remove. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!!!
Forgot to mention that I can loosen the tip (part VA) and if I get it just right it will spray perfectly straight....whatever that means
Wonder if there is a very small amount of crip crap or corruption in the part VT, how did you clean that part...? What diameter is the needle set?
With the airbrush assembled, look at the front end with a magnifier. Is the nozzle (VT) centered in the opening in the spray regulator (VA)? If it isn't, loosen the spray regulator and see if it centers better. If it does, figure out why it is off center. There may be a burr or something on the head (VB).

Changed out parts from the V to try and solve the problem. Part VB seems to have been the problem. I don't know what the problem was with it but changing it seemed to fix it. The 2 pieces are designed different which I thought was weird but I painted a boatload of stuff last night with no issues...other than the parts changes have made the operation slightly different so I have to get used to how it handles
My guess is that there is something on the front surface of it that causes the spray regulator to cock when it's tightened. Good to hear you got it fixed.