Tapering off trigger = thick blob



This has been really leaving me clueless and I think it may be preventing me from really mastering my dagger stroke.

I've been seeing alot of improvement in my abilities to taper from dark to light areas, but recently I've been noticing as I ease off the trigger allowing it to spring forward to zero, when it's at about 35% upon release it has been regurgitating an unfavorable thickened segment ruining before fading into nothing.

My Krome used to have a slow trigger return, but that has no longer been a problem due to a good lube after each cleaning. What suprises me the most is this actually tends to be most observable on thin, short distance strokes rather than heavy ones. About 75% of the time when I am doing any kind of fine detail, it happens. Anyone wanna take a swing at what might be the problem?

Other info:
-Paint: Liquidex Acrylic+water 45/55
-PSI range: 18-25
I believe you are experiencing a dirty nozzle. Sometimes there is an extremely small piece of dried paint up where the needle seals. Use a small, but long enough, paint brush with cleaner on it, and it will come out. You will be amazed, lol!
Or it could be that your paint is still a little to thick, ad it will be hard to get that liquitex thinned ad strained out for perfect consistency with such a small nozzle. I thin mine down to almost water consistency when using my Krome, and I went through the same issues at first, but had already been through the situation, so I knew what to do.
Hope this helps.

Pastello - i'm going to say this is from your paint. it's not just a matter of using a good airbrush, a good airbrush won't work properly with poor performing paint. I'd recommend you look into getting some sort of illustration colors like createx, etac or spectra tex..
I also strongly agree with what seamonkster said and that will definitely help.
The problem comes from a small build up of pigment which gets pushed out of your nozzle on release of the trigger. You can't go on airbrushing like that because it'll severely limit your abilities.
Ugh, I've been meaning to reply days ago, darn gf's Ipad wouldn't let me post for some reason. Wanted to say thanks a ton for the helpful responses. It turns out it ended up being the paint. I've upgraded and even personally filtered it before using. I no longer am seeing this issue come into play. Let's hope it stays that way

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