Water Traps


OK Kustoms

What is the best water traps people have found as Im still trying the different sorts out there ?:cool:
Not sure about traps for compressors but I was having an issue with water spoiling my paintings, today I received an iwata pistol grip moisture trap in the post and I must say it has solved my issue. Great little thing and money well spent! I just wish that I had purchased one of these on day one when I ordered my airbrush and compressor.
The regulator on your compressor has normally got a basic water trap but I found that mine was not very good so I use an inline one at airbrush, its just a generic brand but does the job well
On this topic. What is the length of hose you can run between traps? I have a pretty good on on my compressor but I'm only 2 meter (6 feet) away from the compressor. Never had an issue. Must I want to move the compressor away to make more leg room under the table.
I finally resorted to installing an RTI E4000 Eliminator II, inline from the main shop compressor, at the paint booth. I spray high solids acrylic lacquer with dyes, and it was a constant battle between ambient conditions and moisture in my line, especially in the 100% humidity 90+ degree summers we have here in Michigan. No more blush or contamination. It was worth every dime.

I keep my 25' hose attached to the regulator at the dryer, and switch from my paint gun to my airbrush hose as needed.
For my normal spraying i use an apollo turbine and atomiser gun so i never have contamination /water /oil issues and using the turbine set up allows for easy blending and laying up metallics .IMHO its much more versatile than a compressor and uses a lot less energy .