Which airbrush to use for painting helmets and motorcycles?



I want to airbrush motorcycles and helmets as a hobby. I like to put detailed artwork on these two but I'm confused what I should use. Can someone please help me?

I'm from the Philippines and I'll most likely by from another country because I can't find any good supplier here in my country. :apologetic:

I really need your opinion.

Best opinion. Get a good name brand. Iwata, badger, H&S. paasche. Probably get a gravity feed, smaller works gravity is more convenient. I would recommend an Iwata eclipse or Badger patriot to start. The badger being less expensive. Both will do nice work when you get the hang of it.

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i dont paint t shirts but if i did, i would use my iwata ecclipse,, but any brush would work with a good size needle,,,,
Any brush will work, but there are a few things to consider what will work for you best? Number one thing is, I would absolutely do as said above. Get a quality brush!! Iwata is top of the food chain, will never let you down with performance especially in the long run. But with that said badger and harder & Steinbeck are also right up there.
If you like detail then get a smaller needle/nozzle sized brush. A good size to start with is a .35 nozzle. You can do larger and detail with this size tip but if you really want detail a Iwata micron with a .23 nozzle will perfect. Yet are very pricey but worth every penny.
If you want a great brush for less than half I the money for a micron, get a badger krome. It comes with 2 set ups, a .2 and .35 needle and nozzle sets.
I have both of these brushes and can't fin a complaint for either one so I know you will be happy with either. You can achieve tremendous detail with either one mentioned so you will be set.

This is just my 2 cents on the subject and hope it helps in one way shape or form. Hope you et what you need and can't wait to see some work :)
I'd say it depends on your budget, and what you already have.

On any given project, I usually will use three airbrushes, one for larger areas, one for the "middle work", and one for detail. Sometimes I'll use more or less, depending on the project.

For detail, if you've got the money, you can't beat a micron. I would probably go with an Iwata CM-C or an Olympos MP200-C, especially for automotive-type work. All of the microns are awesome airbrushes, though. They are expensive, but once you use one, you know why.

If thats too expensive, I would recommend something along the lines of an Iwata HP-B+. A bunch of companies make comparable airbrushes (gravity-feed, smaller color cup, usually a .2 nozzle or close to it). My personal favorite of these is the Olympos HP100-B. The Iwata HP-B is very similar, also of high quality. Grex's XN model is designed very similarily, as well, and they're well made, reliable airbrushes. The big difference between an Iwata and a Grex XN is in the material qualit Grex uses softer metals, to the parts, especially the needles and nozzles, don't last as long.

I like my H&S Infinity, as well, but if I was to buy it again, I would just buy the Solo kit instead of the 2-in-1 kit. The .2 nozzle works just as well as the .15, but is less picky about paint. I think I used the .4 set up that came with my 2-in-1 once, and that was just to see how it worked.

I haven't used a Badger Krome, but it seems like the people on here who have them like them. I tried an ealry version Renegade (same as Krome, but with the blackened finish) and thought it was terrible. But, it looks like most of the problems have been worked out with the Kromes.
ill put my neck on the line here, but without a doubt i would recommend iwata HP-CS eclipse, ive had one for 12 years still the same needle and nozzle from new, and ive put all sorts through it, solvent, water, clearcoat , guinness :triumphant:...........

not a bank breaker either, and they have teflon seal at the front, so any solvents are fine

0.35 needle and a great brush as a stepping stone before you spend micron money
Yup I agree with Mick! I mostly paint motorcycles and the occasional helmet, and I use the Iwata HP-CS. It's perfect for the job, and also lets me dabble in the odd T-shirt, or canvas etc. Never put Guinness through mine though lol.
Wow. Thanks everyone! I'll check everything out. Hopefully I'll become as goog as you guys in the future!