About inks.



Ok people, my first technical question:
Specific inks for airbrushing are hard to find in Brazil, and when are found its price is high. I'm thinking of using inks designed for use in walls, the acrylic type. The idea is to use white ink and add pigments to achieve the right color and tone for each use. I'll paint on paper, especially canson and coated, and the main theme will be portraits.
This is feasible? Anyone else works this way?

Thank you very much.
Yes you can make your own, no can't guarantee they will work, it all depends on the paint type, what your mixing with what etc, on what you mention, you'll likely just end up with a lot of pastel colors (Fine if you want pastel colors), alternatively find an acrylic clear base and add your pigment to that..Making home made paint is how I got into airbrushing as I couldn't afford the alternative at the time and they are not to bad for practice but if you want to do anything serious with them you will find they just don't cut the mustard or they make the experiance un enjoyable..Is there any possibility to purchase some of the net if you can't find suppliers in your country? GL
Yes, buying online is always an option, but the Brazilian customs charge anything that costs more than $ 50 (including shipping), making it very expensive.
But I believe that I possibly could more vibrant colors and not just pastels. One wall of my living room was painted bright red in this form (adding red pigment in white ink).
I took this picture right now. The color of this wall was obtained by mixing red pigment in white paint. Please do not notice the mess ...:very_drunk:

My eyes lying to me or is that Hot Pink? LOL..

Don't get me wrong m8, yer you can make your own paint, the problem is using a predominantly white base..They may be vibrant pastels but they will still be pastel and it will all come down to what kind of pigment and obviously how much goes in..Either way it will be hard to get rid of the chalki look to them as so much white will base it. Theres no harm in that when its all said and done and it all comes down to something has to be better than nothing and they'll be fine for anything you'd normally do with opaque styled paints.....Its a pity your customs charge so much...Rather than reducing too much with water, see if you can find a Flow Medium, use this to replace half the water you would reduce with and it will help add some binders and make the paint a little more user friendly through the gun..Also add a drop or two of glycerin to the paint you make as this will help with drying times and tip dry..Make sure you strain it extremely well after its all mixed together and it will be a useable paint...GL
Um, I did. Which flow medium do you suggest?
Interesting your suggestion of using glycerin, I'll try it.
And, hey! The wall is really red! Nothing pink ... :rolleyes:
Must be my computer screen :)

This is the brand of flow medium I use when making paints up, I like to add water as well to get the thinning right but its always served me well but not sure on availability at your end..You sure its not pink LOL ;) Will have to have a look on my gaming rig, has a better quality screen and it may look more red...LOL

Heres a link to the brand (its available in Australia from bunnings, a hardware store but you may not have the same luck) first one I found- Jo Sonja's Flow Medium

Good luck and make sure ya let us know how it went..
I will search for a product like this. Thanks a lot!

And... same wall, more mess and a lazy cat:


C'mon! It's red...