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i dont have much time i am at the library and have lots to do i was wondering if the badger spectra tex cleaner will eat away the dried up spectre tex in my krome i know i saw something posted about the createx lifting up the old paint and it flakes away. i dont want to go using harsh chemicals that might eat away the coating and i sure dobnt want to go damaging my new krome. theres a mickals up the block frome me and they cary spectra tex cleaner i was always under the idea that the air brush cleaners were nothing more thain ietherr alchohol and water or clear windex any way il probly buy a small bottle and see if it does anything other thain that il check this post tomorow thanks for any replies ( my air brusing has been limited i cant even go in my room during the day to hot ) and laptop is still down


Maybe of you soak it long enough. Try hot soapy water it's free, that or denaturd alcohol, it can be found in home stores and probably walmart.

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There was talk recently about denatured alcohol (apparently methylated spirits here in the uk), and people seemed to be of the opinion that it was good stuff!


someone i guess it was jagardn that said he used shaving cream for cleaning,i tried it and never look back!!!:angel: