Airbrush Hose repaired Hooraa!



Hi Peeps,
I haven't been able to airbrush for a while because my airbrush hose connector snapped off just behind the screw on cap. There were holidays in Holland so the airbrush suppliers were closed and I wouldn't be able to get a new one until next Tuesday at the earliest.

So having only just decided to paint again after months of not painting I didn't want to give up. I then remembered I'd got one of those push-in connectors with my Olympus MP200C. I cut off the broken connector on the hose, used a lighter to gently melt the braids so they didn't frey and carefully pushed in the Olympus connector and it worked!! It was a very tight fit and took some effort to push it in but once done there was no need to do anything else.

I screwed it onto the compressor using plummers tape to seal the threads and fired it up. No problems :thumbsup: I left it sitting with the airtank full at 20 psi and there were no leaks :D:laugh:

I painted today using it and had no problems at all so I am very happy. I have ordered a new Hose to keep as a spare :D:thumbsup:

Cheers Mel
GOOD NEWS - welcome back to the action! (Double action too... ) See what I did there... :)