Word of caution
Watch out for the free shipping and don't believe the statement that they will let you change or cancel an order
I tried upgrade an order I've placed to next day shipping.
The order has not been shipped nor will be till next week sometime
they wanted me to make another order pay for it, refuse delivery on the other order and in three to four weeks my money would be refunded.
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That's strange. I have found Amazon to have good customer service. I am a prime member and get free 2 day shipping. I am wondering if your product was being sold by some 3rd party. I would just watch for the "Ship and sold from" below the product. I only order products that say "Fulfilled by Amazon".
I was sent a " customer survey" request in an email, I explained why I was disappointed in the order process.
I was surprised today to receive a reply explaining why they couldn't do anything, and an offer to waive shipping charges if I did want to order another brush.

I am not saying they are bad, just that you can't change your shipping or order shortly after being placed
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