Badger Krome, what an awesome gun


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I just figured id throw this here for anyone wos interested in a krome. so aboiut a week ago sadly I accidentally dropped my micron, the needle was of cource bent and at real close inspection with a loop you can see some damage at the nozzle tip , and today i couldnt get the paint to stop but now its ok i might have had some dried paint that missed my loop and eye combo . so if i want this gun to be the best it can be i should order the full matched head . if i do move to Floridaby months end i might send it express to iwata and let them check it out perhaps when they are done i will have a micron better thain new and they can ship it to mama ferrets house, but until that point i have to. have a decent gun so since iv had my krome its basically had the large set up in it so tonight i cleaned it real well and re instaled the super fine set up and wow the thing realy does seem to be just as good as the micron the only change i would do it to give it a side feed and shorten the distance from triger to needle tip
thanks ken you guys did an awesome job on this gun
Sad news on the Micron, Yes replace the entire head assembly , Most time during a drop it cause the threads of the nozzle to weaken and when you try to remove it they break..

Yes I was very impressed with the Krome. But than again I hate side feeds .........LOL
If you really want a Krome with side feed then build yourself one. Use a Badger 100 side feed and fit a Sotar head and needle.
Yup, the Krome is an awesome brush. I was questioning its detail ability a while ago. Turns out I missed some paint while cleaning. Once I cleaned the nozzle, it sprayed some ultra fine lines. :)
The Renegade Spirit side feed nozzle and needle are interchangeable with the Krome parts, and it performs the same for me. The needle of the Spirit is shorter, but it works. And, you can even get an adapter for the Spirit to allow the use of Aztek cups. See my review.

I like andrezas idea i will definitely try it when i get to Florida oh by the way momma ferret saw the large butterfly and dragon fly and there gob smacked in awe of how ithey came out so her friend wants more and mama ferrets going to flip when she sees the Beethoven im going to do I found the best picture of one of the paintings of him and i want to work it as photo like as possible just have allot of other things going on right now bad flea problem and its effecting my cat
I am looking at the scribble from the krome and micron last night and it is hard to tell the difference the micron stil works but you can see the damage to the nozzle if i sent out the nmicron to have it cleaned up like new thain when i get it back il do a fair comparison but i dont think its necessary to send it out just get a new head and needle and place 2 inch thick foam on the floor I hate caps lol
test feather.jpgtest feather1.jpgthis isnt everything i wanted yo post here but im tird and want bed i am basicly pulling the sams lines as the micron i was going to finish this one but decided not to I would like to do a feather with fine lines like a real feather