Hi everyone I'm new to this site and I hope to meet some cool people here and to help me out with some tips and stuff. I just did my first eye but its not as good as some peoples eye. I'm just having trouble doing the dagger strokes.
Hello Berto, you are in the right place, it's stacked with good folk and a few mad ones...only joking:). Enjoy and you will get all the help you need!
Welcome, berto!! You will get all the help needed here my friend, for your first piece of help, don't get frustrated and keep practicing. It will come with time :)

Hi Berto, welcome abord. Don´t worry about the dagger stroke, it is really a hard one in the beginning. I also struggled alot doing the dagger stroke, and mostly it is cause the whole double actioning is not
going totaly natural for a beginner. You should practice them alot on a paper and also do the other practice sheete the tutor made for us and you should be fine. I did alot of plane papers just with dagger
strokes when i started out untill i had them down. Actualy i also started with a cheap chinese airbrush and like 2 weeks after starting i bought myself a Neo for Iwata and the dagger stroke worked better
for me with the Neo. But after awhile i was also able to do them with the chinese brush, although the Neo felt much better to controll and is also able to do finer details.
Hey Berto, from the uk! Don't compare yourself to other people, everyone goes at a different pace, or picks up certain aspects better than others. Taking your time to perfect the basics will pay off in the long run. I struggled with daggers too, and it stopped my trying to do things like hair and fur until I realised that I would actually have to put some time and effort into practicing Lol, and that I wouldn't actually develop a magical ability to just do it. Other people definately picked it up way quicker than me, but I found things like fades and blends easier than some people. It all evens out in the end.
Welcome home and dagger strokes get easier the less you think through the process and just go with the flow.