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OK so I've read somewhere that natural sponge works well and I've actually cut and used sponges from those brushes but on a whim yesterday I thought about coffee filters and found that cut down they will fit under my bottle caps the ones with the squirt heads and with a little harder squeeze than normal from what I can tell so far no color change. Just wonder though if I'm not filtering to much of the pigment out?
I do like the idea of putting a filter on a bottle and sqeezengo
Actually If transparent paint is made up of finer grain pigments wonder if this might be a way of making it? I am not sure what micron rating coffee filters have. Or if there is a risk of them releasing paper fibers into the paint
What do you think?
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Just a heads up.
Like I said I had filtered some yesterday. This is the masters touch acrylic brush paint. One tube 22ml made up a 1/2 ketchup squirt bottle of paint with the consistency of whole milk. I had filtered this with a sponge but still seemed to needed to clear my brush more than normal.
Just a bit ago I was able to work with the paint after filtering it with the coffee filter. Up until the compressor burned my power inverter up anyway. A different topic but I discovered that airbrush compressors use very high amps they will burn up inverters in no time.
Any way back to topic I wasn't able to do a lot of spraying but from what I could tell it worked well
Please don't misunderstand I am not making any claims in fact everything is trial by error,
Filtering the paint is something that i always miss in my setup before painting lol.
I have Createx and some spectra tex and wonder if they need straining also. I do not pre mix my colors and prepare them only before painting. I used inks before which are very thin and that's why i never thought about straining when using paint. I might also give it a try but i remember one day i strained some tube acrylics though some pantyhose and lot of junk got stuck in it and my paint was real nice to work with.
Question for the pros here: If i premix some paints (whether from tubes, createx or other brands) strained it right and keep it in a tight sealed bottle, will they keep the same consistency after some time of will they just rebuild the larger junks and need to be strained again?
Thanks in advance
I try to pay attention to make sure I don't get chunks I have my best luck with twist top lids and make sure I keep them clean after pouring my paint. I notice some lids such as etac with there lids and wicked are prone more to dried up paint that could leave you chunky. I don't strain unless I need to.
Also thought about something that needs to be mentioned. It could be extremely dangerous mixing paints from artist tubes. Airbrush paints have to pass guidelines set by FDA and so on on what types of chemical/ minerals will be atomized and free floating. Brush paints will not necessarily have to pass those tests although I have seen some that advertise being used in airbrushing.
All chemical compounds must have an msds sheet made available to be sold in the USA I would stress also that you would need a msds for each color since pigments can be dangerous themselves. Going to get slammed for this but compare it to the msds from airbrush paints and find what is different. Even wearing a mask it may be possible to be in danger since these might be absorbed into the body through the eye.....
Going to get slammed for this but compare it to the msds from airbrush paints and find what is different

Nobody will slam ya for suggesting safe practices m8..personally I have no problems suggesting people to mix up their own paints from tubes..Back in the day there were quite nasty elements in tube paints (Still is in some), especially oils, but these days many of these are now synthetic..When its all said and done, any paint you atomize IS NOT SAFE to breath, lungs are not designed to handle any atomized paint at all, no matter what it is, many feel as its water based and designed for airbrushes its all good..I have read many of the MSDS's you mention on many varietys of paint, tube and airbrush specific and waterbased ab paints have stuff in them that it clearly states should not be atomized LOL..I won't mention brands here but many of the tests done on these paints arn't done in an atomized state, some I'm sure are..And on these MSDS's nearly every single one states under PPE that gloves, glasses and appropriate masks should be worn, as yes your correct in saying that these chemicals can be absorbed through other means, thus why MSDS's suggest saftey glasses and gloves, but then it would be hard to paint LOL....

Its important that everyone understands the risks, saying that I use a cigarette as a filter but should know better and will no doubt pay for my stupidity, and I'm sure many who live in big cities are probably sucking in as many chemicals as I do when I smoke so its kind of damed if ya do, damned if ya don't, but to now the risks is the power handed to ya to reduce those risks because it can cause big health probs...

On a side note, whats your inverter rated to, I run my little 1/4 horse silent compressor no probs of my 750 watt inverter, mine has a safety feature built in and if it blows its likely blows the internal fuse, have you checked this? If I run my big compressor I always run that of my generator as I don't like killing my battery's, maybe make yaself up a storage vessel so you can store a decent quantity of air so the compressor isn't kicking on all the time as that's when it will pull the big voltages, gl m8 :)

PS On straining the paint, I find it easy to just cut a big square of old pantihose, fold it over a couple of times and put that over the paint bottle head and then screw the cap back on, safes ya from having to thing about straining paint everytime, its mainly the big clumps that will cause our guns concern..