First Time For Vinyl



Hi everyone I know that I haven't posted anything lately, but last night my wife was at wal-mart in the checkout lane and this lady seen the model and started some small talk well come to find out she is wanting someone to do a vinyl banner and it supposed to be like between 3 - 4 foot long and 3-4 foot wide and I was wondering what should I charge for something like this. The Banner is for a library book sale. She told me that it had in progress now. But she doesn't need it until this fall. Also how would I go about prepping this banner for the art work to stick real good. Any and all info would be most grateful and Thanks in advance.
Since you didn't give an idea about how complex or simple the artwork might be. I don't know. But don't worry about it sticking. This is a one time event and once the sale is over the sign goes away. Vinyl is nice to paint on with acrylics.
Thanks for the info. at this moment all I know is that she is wanting on the banner is Aberdeen book sale and in progress. she hasn't really made any other suggestion This is supposed to be for the public library over in Aberdeen Oh. which is just across the river. I thought about putting some books on one side and one with wings flying away, But any suggestion on what I should charge for it.
Hi Gray
what I sometimes do is give my customers a choice.
work out how much you would need/want for a cheap simple banner based on how long you think it will take you - with the basics of colour and words she needs.

then work out how much you think you deserve for a more complex art work. By offering a choice I find my customers feel in control of their expenditure.

hope this helps
there is also a thread here talking about how much artists should charge.
Thanks Fly I was starting to draw out a plan for the book sale then I was planning on emailing it to the customer to get her approval before I did any other type of work on the banner and not only that but she still has the banner I'm supposed to call her back on the price to charge. But one again Thank you for your info .
good luck with the job! yeah vinyl paints nice i wipe them down with alcohol paint then clear with krylon satin or your choice of sheen :eagerness:
Thanks for the info you had beaten me to the question about the clear on which brand to use Thank You all for everything you are a great bunch of people