Triple Actioner
I learned in college the basics to airbrush. We used frisket paper, high tact, for automotive usage.
Since leaving college I haven't really done any automobile work but in my own vehicles.
Long story short, I was in the hunt for frisket with low tact. I seen on a video where the artist uses transparent contact paper. Wal mart sells it for around 11 for a decent roll of it.

Don't work too well on fabric tho... Works really well in crescent marker board.

Just thought I would share this little info for the newbies.
The only place where I use the cheap stuff is on textured canvas where it only sticks to the bumps and the whole surface. I don't trust the stuff on smooth surfaces. When I use it on paper and board, I use the good stuff.
De tack the low tack frisket by sticking to your arms or legs a few times
I have lots of different brands of frisket and they all pull paint of my illustration work :(
Lots of people avoid sticky stuff altogether, and use metal easels etc so they can use magnets and paper to mask.

I sometimes just use paper, cut a few little holes in it where it wont affect anything underneath and use little pieces of tape to hold it in place. The edges do flutter sometimes, but spray away from the direction of the edge and you don't get underspray, and no worries about lifting paint. Plus it's cheaper.