Got my RK-1 Krome ... Finally!



Don't know what the deal is with Badger but the Renegade Kromes are super hard to get a hold of these days. Anyway, I took a month off from Airbrushing and all other art to focus on my family and settle into a afternoon work schedule. It's been hell on me not doing any art but one good thing is that i save my money and ordered a Badger Krome to replace my Talon TG as my all purpose brush. I have also been needing to build myself a better and sturdier airbrush easel. Still haven't built the easel yet and having had the Krome for two days and NOT using it has been hard. Cannot wait to fire it up and see what she's made of. Limited time off and hectic schedules for Burning Man coming up in late August is gonna be tough. Hopefully i get some nice results from this brush as i have my Talon. I should be back to doing my urban landscapes pretty soon!
You will love the krome, its the only brush I have , I use the 0.3 setup for tshirts 0.2 for everything else..
I barely touch my Krome these days, its a great brush but i just prefer smaller brushes. If my sparmax was as easy to clean as my hp cs and as durable it would be my fav. I should sell my Krome its a shame to leave it on the shelf. Then i can try an olympos.
Like Bean, everything I do is with the Krome. You will love it for sure. I still dream about owning a cm-sb but stupid life things keep getting in the way :). Enjoy