hello everyone



ive been an amateur artist for somehow 15 years and until recently i was a colored pencil artist and a watercolorist, but when i discovered the airbrush i new this was my instrument. there was something about this instrument that made artistic desires come true.as a matter of fact i cant explaine how i feel when i hold the airbrush in my hands.

when i started i did with a paasche h single action,which lead the way, but soon i saw i needed something more, so now i own a talon and an infinity.for me it has quite been very difficult since in my country there is no airbrushing at all as a matter of fact an artist friend said i was the only one she new that was airbrushing, so i dont have a chance to speak of my passion,my love of airbrushing without having some odd looks.

i am not a very speaking person but the hearing kind,so i dont write in any forum, so this is my first time i participate in any kind of forum.

so hello fellow airbrushers of the world.
Hello Ultraz
I know you will be happy here
Where do you come from?
a friendly welcome from the u.k mate..... get involved post up any questions you may have and we can all learn from each other!!
Welcome home Ultraz, Glad to add you to the family and glad you picked this one to start posting in .
Looking forward to seeing your work , Not only your airbrush work but post up some of the drawings and watercolor ones too.
Welcome to the Forum from the UK, where about in the world are you? We're all a big happy family here. Hope to see your work soon.

Welcome to the forum. You made me curious, may i ask where you're from ?
Welcome to the forum from Holland ultrazz, and the fact you're few in numbers where you come from might be in your advantage some day.....when you're so good that you're getting customers ( if you like to at some point ) it will be easy money to be made.:biggrin-new:
sorry for not writing earlier,been doing some painting.well i am from honduras in central america,and i have been airbrushing for about two years and i am very surprised for such a warm welcome,thanks for that and i am planning to post some of my works, i hope you like it.