Hi everybody


Young Tutorling
Hi everyone I'm a total newbie when it comes to airbrushing, I mainly muddle my way through it with some degree of luck, I mainly like to paint FDM & Resin 3D printed models and have done a few Tamiya 1/14 scale truck's.
Mainly use cheap Chinese airbrushes as I don't trust myself enough to not kill my Iwata HP-C Plus.

Have painted using water based Vallejo air, createx and also used solvent based like proper car paints, Tamiya XF paints.

Hoping to be able to learn how to paint better and get some realistic touches to future models.
Welcome izzie :)

Post up some of Your work and ask any questions You have, loads of helpful people here :)
Welcome to the forum, don’t be afraid to use your HP-C plus. It a great brush and with 0,3 mm nozzle pretty forgiving. If you keep it clean and don’t abuse it your good. Ask away any questions you have we love to share our knowledge 😀
Welcome to the forum izzie. Don't worry, I've known how to use one for years and I still "muddle my way through it with some degree of luck".

All it takes is practice, practice, practice as the saying goes.