Hi from New Zealand



Hello everybody! I'm from New Zealand and been airbrushing for about a year now, athough I've been painting in one form or another for about 20. Always loved art and after a trip to Russia where I saw some awesome artwork done by Russian masters, I couldn't get the beautiful art out of my head, so I desided to persue art in the form of airbrushing and I'm learning more each day thanks to guys like "The Airbrush Tutor"

Cheers Lou.
I have always told people that art is not a hobby or a pass time, it's a physical need. When I don't create in one form or another, I feel like I have neglected myself in some way. Welcome. I'd love to hear about your trip to Russia.
Welcome to the greatest web site on the PLANET!!! LOL!!! @ pauly my late grandfather used to say the same thing to me!!