i also bought a ca airtool compressor lol


Air-Valve Autobot!
i bought the 1 hp model same as cuda except i got the aluminum tahk also got a small hok kit i wasn't happy with the color of my new horse so i naturally will have to paint it its a real fast trek il have no problem getting around on this one also i got my Florida id today license will be next i assume i need a fishing license my other compressor was working ok but its way to small runs way to hot and takes forever to fill the tank i have an extra 7 gallon tank if i plum the ca compressor to that i could probably paint one of those little Britishcars in one shot lol i do plan to paint the bike and use it as a calling card sort of where ever i go people can see my work new horse.jpg its kind of medium to high end comfortable and fast needs some ab ferret fire i was thinking of those chamelion collors that change with sunlight so far i love Florida and don't plan to go any were soon
i should have my drivers licence soon i already got the florida id next is the fishing lisence i should be painting very soon i have one very small order from chicogo to make i hope it stil gets here fast i use to order from them if they shipped that day i would get it in two days but being i am in florida i dont think so any more i think this part of the country needs a coast i spoke to dave today and he said he would stand by the compressor i have a bunch of images to paint and people who want them so i needed the compressor and paint lol just making up excuses for the adiction its like the alchoholic saying i got off work i worked real hard i can have a drink lol
i didnt want black hardwear i wanted aluminum like on the bike in ny that i should have shiped i could do red with that chamelion collor stuf hok has that would look awesome in the sun and its not worth it to paint all the black silver lots of work i could have kept looking but there arent many bike shops around here and i realy did need wheels i am thinkinmg of one of the chamelion collors or a collor that looks good on black trim preferably bright ...might stil do red
wow this place is like a ghost town ..... i am awaiting the delivery of my compressor today hope fully earlier thwain last nights 700 pm delivery
Ferret, I ordered one form Home Depot. I was browsing around there and a hot girl asked if I needed help and seemed very sweet. I was gonna order from Coast, but this chick got me a great deal and free shipping wasn't bad!

I got the 1.6 alum tank 3/4 hp. I figured for now this should do me just fine. As affordable as these things are, if I ever do production work like I did in 2011-12, I can always order a bigger one. Mine's suppose to be ehre the 24th.

I see your post here is from the 11th, any reports on the AC?