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Hi folks - I am new to an airbrush. I am doing some artwork on polished & brushed bare steel. My "stuff" is painted and then clear high gloss powder coated for durability and long outdoor life. I have been using some rattle can products in anodizing colors that show the polished/brushed steel and will stand up to powder coat cure heats (400 degree F). I want to use my old Binks Wren to start doing some detail work. My question for you folks is: Do you know of a transparent product I can use in my airbrush that will withstand powder coat cure temperatures? Advance thanks for any help folks.


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Just experiment m8, no doubt many paints could handle such, some may not..Many manufacturers do put such info up on their sites so have a look into the paints tech sheets and that may have ya answer..I think doing a few with different sample paints will soon teach ya what will and wnt handle it, and who knows even if one doesnt handle it well it may give ya some interesting, unexpected results that may be good or bad..GL, btw they look pretty cool..