New Airbrush Olympos Micron-200B



Hi folks i just got a new airbrush today that i got from flea bay. Its the Olympos Micron-200B, its kinda like the original micron
airbrush and later on Olympos sold the rights to Iwata to build them too as their own brand airbrush. The Olympos Micron is not
produced anymore since sometime and its hard to get parts for it. But about most or even all the parts from the Olympos and the Iwata are interchangable.
So there is no problem at all to get some spare parts like needles or nozzles. The Olympos microns were sold with a complete spare head incuding nozzle.
This airbrush that i got was never been used and all parts came with it, and the best is i got it for 100 Euros ( 130 USD) and there is one shop who still
sells them brand new here and there it would be 350 Euros ( 455 USD) . So all in all i made a great deal and the airbrush was the same price as a Iwata Revolution.
I just came home from work and its already past midnight and i havent had a chance to spray some color with it. But i will keep you updated how it performs compared
to my Eclipse and my Evolution airbrushes.


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Ok just tried it out abit and did some dots, lines and a small practice skull. The airbrush works like a dream, sprays very fine lines and details
when the paint is thinned out correctly. I think it is able to spray even abit finer lines then my Evolution with the 0.15mm setup. From what i read
in a german forum the spray pattern and all is kinda the same as with the Iwata Micron.
damn mate that is just amaizing price, so good brush, i wish i find one, gongrat i you dont wanted ill buy it LOL
I'll give you 200$ this very minute!!! One time offer!!!
Awesome find!!!! Jealous!! I agree with Andreza!!

Thanks everyone, it was really a totaly cheap price i got it. The price for the first bid was the 100 Euros and i could not believe that i was the only one to place a bid on
this great airbrush. I guess most people who seen it on flea bay didnt know what a treasure this airbrush is.
I already fell in love with this airbrush, so unfortunately i cant sell it anymore lol :)