New recruit from the UK


Kevin Marshall


Just started airbrushing and am loving it (apart from the tip dry nightmare), always wanted to try it but never got round to it.

Been watching Ed Hubbs, the airbrush tutor and others on YouTube for months now and saying “I must give it a try”, well my friend set me a challenge, he purchased an iwata HP-B Plus and a heap of paint and told me I must use it to do some artwork on his car so get practising! no pressure then LOL

The attached images are my second & third attempts and are encouraging, the first with the reaper is done with solvent based basecoat meant for automotive refinishing and was done in black & white then a little colour misted here and there, its looks wrong somehow, the second attempt of just the girl was done in auto air using the colour direct, looks much better but struggled to get a nice even spray, very noticeable on the edge of the lips.

The next attempt I plan on using wicked detail paint as I have read good things about it.

In case anyone recognizes the reference image, its copyrighted work off the web my friend has chosen and we do know that we have to obtain permission to use it, I just want to wait and see if I get good enough before asking the artists permission to put it on a car. If she says no we can do something else, the practice won’t be wasted.
I have a long way to go before I feel its ready to put on the car but loving the practice and sense of achevment seeing each attempt get better than the previouse.

That's pretty impressive since you're only just starting, keep this up and you will be painting that car in no time at all.

Wow!! you just started airbrushing, that's impressive :) Can't wait to see what you do tomorrow :)
Wow ... I may as well give in lol. Oh and welcome from south of the border :eek:nthego:
Welcome aboard mate, and very impressive work for just starting out.
Thanks for all the kind words everyone, very encouraging :courage:
Welcome ,you have made a great start you should be well pleased .
welcome kev.... great to have another member on here from the u.k there are quite a few brithish active members on here.... if you have any questions then just ask buddy
Welcome Kev, looking good so far, just keep spraying thin layers of paint.
Hi Welcome to the friendlies airbrush forum.

Very impressive work for a newbie
Welcome to the family Kevin!!!! You show done great potential, they look good!!


Thanks, coincidently I was just watching some videos this morning and one was you painting a wolf whilst coming under nerf fire, another was you painting an Indian chief! absolutely amazing work, how long did it take to get that good? I could sit and watch stuff like that all day!
Thanks!! I have been airbrushing for 2 years as of next month. I have a few more videos that I still need to make, lol!! So your days in the future will be full, lol!! Thanks again!!

I must say us Brits are well represented on here it's great to see, welcome Kev.

I've learnt loads from these talented friendly members.
yes but you hadn't been around for ages tufty! where you been.....lurking in the shadows!