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Hello everyone, i tried doing a search and couldnt really find an answer to my question. Can anyone suggest a side feed airbrush? i am currently using my father-in-laws no name siphon feed and i like being about to see over the top of the brush.

I have done a bit of research and am leaning toward the Badger Renegade Spirit but i want to know if there are any other side feeds that i may be overlooking. When it comes to paint i plan on using Createx Wicked unless i get a good reason not to.
The spirit is a good brush. Iwata makes several side feed models. I believe Grex makes one, and maybe paasche. Go to a site like and browse the airbrushes. The spirit will probably be the cheapest alternative.

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i can say go for the spirit the best thing would be the iwatas another cheapy but gody wood bee he he i said wood bee ...would be the badger 100 side feed its very short like the micron also i would recomend givving com art a go
thanks i was just going to say that i seem to have narrowed down my choices to the Badger Spirit and Thayer & Chandler Omni 6000 they are both priced in what i would call the mid-range. they aren't super cheap nor super expensive
The spirit is in the same family as the Krome, and has the same .21mm needle nozzle set up. Just keep in mind that is a detail brush and will need some over reducing of paints to work best. An illustration type paint would give best results, Createx illustration, Com art, ETac EFX, and a few others. Maybe even Wicked detail , basically a paint with a more refined grind to the pigments, will lessen the headaches of nozzle clogs.
All of them good but I would say you must get one whose cups can stand freely by themselves. The biggest plus point regarding side feeds is the ability to swap colours easily if you have multiple cups.
So after wmlepage's comment that it is a detail gun would i need a gun for basic application?
Hi Magic,
I have 2 Iwata side-feed airbrushes, the HP-SB+ 0.2mm for detail and the HP-SBS Eclipse 0.3mm which is my workhorse and a great all-round airbrush. Here is a link to my YouTube video which shows both airbrushes and all the different cup options. Being able to use different cups and bottles on the Iwata airbrushes makes them a lot more versatile than other side feeds that have a screw on cup. In the video you will see why.

You don't say what type of painting you do but for an all purpose airbrush I'd go for the HP-SBS Eclipse 0.3mm you can always get another airbrush for finer detail later if you need it. I love my HP-SBS and prefer it to the HP-SB+, it's more forgiving with paint and it's easier to clean.
I paint illustrations onto card and canvas and I use Com-Art paints, I've just got some ETAC EFX to try but Com-Art is easy to use and cheaper.

Some of my Airbrush Forum colleagues will be able to help you with a paint choice if you are painting on other surfaces.
Good luck
Cheers Mel
dont forget you could also switch between the heavy and fine set ups with the spirit i dont know what kind of cup opening size is in the spirit but if you coulkd figure a way to use aztek cups that would be best i would also recomend the badger 100 side feed . but over all i would have to say iwata
wow i just read melbees post dont mind me i just woke up forget screw in cups i would have to say definetly avoid that the quickest air brush to swap colors efectivly with out waisting paint is the side feeds . I take the cup out of my micron place it oon the table squirt some water from the spray bottle trigering back and forth for paint for a second or two thain pick up another color cup its that quick and if i have to spray heavy material i pull the needle back slightly turn up the psi and away i go