Taking a step back



So I went after the leopard and did ok with the first step of brushing it in black. Then I tried the textures portion and it didn't come out like I wanted.

So I told myself I would break it down into sections and paint them larger so I could have an easier time with the texture part.

I started with the right eye. Starting out pretty good. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1334702244.809473.jpg

I also noticed when doing texture with white, it's alot easier when you have a darker first layer. You can see what your doing better. So I think I'm going to go a little darker where I am going to use white for texture.

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Looking great drobbins. That's a good idea with a little shading first so you can see the effect. Very nice job

Ok, so I think I got everything how I want it for the black portion. Went a little dark for the detail part. I got in the mail today, wicked detail white. I hope I have better luck on this go round.

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Also, Mitch gave me some advice to mix 15% blue in with my black so the shading isn't that greenish hue. And I have to say it looks alot better.

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I just got in wicked detail white. It is awesome. I didn't even thin it out and it came out really good. I don't think I'll ever use a different brand of white. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1334784121.306124.jpg
I just did the texture in the eye. It worked out great with that wicked paint. This is the first time I feel good about the texture. I'll try and finish tomorrow.

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Some nice detail there Dylan! good stuff mate:) that white looks like it's working out alot better for you?
i don't know if you remember in my leopard tutorials but i say that after you have airbrush all of the obvious and not so obvious shapes, but before doing textures - you should dust over the entire artwork with your darker color - so you have a better base for the textures - exactly as you have found here:)
only advice i can give is to concentrate on your height with black. you don't need to add much detail first time round at all as you'll likely cover all of it with you white:)
looks really good mate:)
Wow mr drobbins that eye is looking pretty damn awesome, you can see the life in the eye if you know what I mean! Like its really watching.
Keep going mate good stuff
As a wise man said once: "You need a dark surface to show light and a light surface to show dark!" ;)

Good going drobbins!

I think you also may want to look out for the new Wicked Illustration Colors they are working on. Should be around this summer. According to Dru Blair and Eddy Wouters it is much much much better than what they got now and the white is the best ever.
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You have nothing to be jealous of seamonkey. I've seen your work.

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Good, here we see that the detail with the wicked white detail is better.
I think everyone would live the detail white. I'm telling you it's great. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1334953366.639884.jpg
A bit more texture added. I feel like I'm not doin it right.

The nose I feel like I've completly missed the mark.


Do you figure 8 the nose. I've just been daggering the hell out of my textures.

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hey Dylan:)
with the nose there's some minute little dagger strokes where you see the textures moving in a given direction.. but these are where i would mainly use the lateral texture - which is just a figure 8 texture done on an angle.. it give the feeling of motion while keeping the textures detailed and small.
you can completely cover your dark shapes with the white textures also as you'll be going back over with the black. Remember to 'flick off' when you're doing these textures.. dagger strokes should always have a flick to encourage a sharper point and that's what 90% of the textures are on this artwork. You can execute the textures going back and forth and you will find that the faster you do them, the better the result :) Your heights are perfect by the way so you're definitely getting a better sense of perspective