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So I am new father of baby girl.Between the baby, the fact that compressors make noise it is hard to find time to paint.Live in upstairs apartment,no garage, the heat and cold it's hard.Anyways does anyone use large air tank or co2 because they are quite can stay up all night paint.Do I need moisture trap for airtank - also co2 regulators big, confusing and expensive. Also don't have the money for expensive compressor want silent mobile non electric THANK TO ALL ON HERE FROM AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!
First congrats on having a new baby girl.
Next air tanks are good the bigger the longer they will last.
Also looking into building or buying a silent compressor. They make no more noise then your fridge running.
I have a mini compressor that's fairly quite. It stores enough air in the hose to click on and off every 3 seconds or so. I put a towel under it to absorb vibration and it's hard to hear running if your in another room. For my large garage compressor I built a box and put cheap 1" foam on the inside. Just throw it over the top and it cuts the noise in half. Just have to have a little space underneath for ventilation for cooling. Mini compressor was about $150 though :/
When I first used an airbrush, we rented industrie air bottles. I think they were 100 liter and preasure 150 Atm. that's 15 cubic meter air, Il'l let you calculate, but an interesting calculation would be, how many minutes a small compressor shal run to move 15 Cubic meter air.
Or, if you know how many liter air your airbrush use pr. minute and calculate that up to the 15000 liter Air that can be in a 100 liter or 150 liter industrie air tank.
I think it will be a surprise, how much time.

CO2 are used in fire extinguisher, on Ebay a CO2 or an air preasure valve don't need to be that expensive, an old oxygen valve are not different, it's the same except the tread to what bottle ;oxygen, CO2, Air, only difference are the treads in the valve and that piece, the nut and the small pipe can be replaced.

CO2 don't need to be that expensive a solution, bottle and valve can be bought second hand. But if you are uncirtain of that, you can do as I d´just did but also that is a chance, --- see the tread I made about my new compressor, I bought a Vintage dentist compressor, beecaurse it is allmost silent, -- when I put a reduction valve on it I will know if that is the right .
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Cool thanks guys for all the help! I think that a co2 tank would make me really happy.I have heard they take a long time to put dent in!

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